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the Atelier for Young Festival Managers

The 22nd edition of the Atelier for Young Festival Managers will take place from 7-13 January 2024 in New York, United States of America, organized in partnership with The Festival Academy, Under the Radar Festival and BAM (The Brooklyn Academy of Music).

The Atelier brings together a group of young festival managers from all over the world to spend 7 days with a group of young and experienced festival leaders, cultural activists, cross-sector experts, and artists in New York during the Under the Radar Festival 2024 and to engage in a global conversation about today’s challenges regarding festivals, the role of arts and culture can play in these.

The Atelier is about innovating leadership, gaining new perspectives, exploring the essence and impact of festivals in a global context, share and exchange experiences and reflect on the topics that concern the participants.

The Atelier starts from the very essence of festivals –the arts, the artist and the audience– and all issues tackled during the training and in one way or another relate to this essence, why we do things, for whom and with whom.

We will explore how festivals embody the possibility for creating opportunities for change through culture. Mentors and guest speakers go beyond their role as lecturers and act as true mentors who will provide insightful feedback regarding the participant’s current professional stage. They will also share their experiences and showcase how success and failure can incite growth.

During the Atelier, participants will also have the chance to attend cultural events linked with the Under the Radar Festival in New York, to meet with artists and production teams, and to reflect upon the on-stage processes and the behind-the-scenes of this inspiring international festival.