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Under the Radar On the Road increases the impact and scope of RADAR programming by collaborating with performing arts centers across America. This year, On the Road partners at PS21 in Chatham, NY; The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center in College Park at The University of Maryland; and at the Oklahoma City Repertory Theater in Oklahoma City will extend the performance dates and provide additional audiences for Under the Radar programs including Queens of Sheba, Search Party, and Hamlet | Toilet. We greatly appreciate these organizations’ support in spreading the creative force of Under the Radar beyond the immediate NYC area.

On the Road partners

Oklahoma City Repertory Theater

Presenting Queens of Sheba (January 25 through 27)

Oklahoma City Repertory Theater is dedicated to championing new ways of making theater, supporting innovative artists, and growing the cultural ecology of Oklahoma City. We believe in empowering our local community through relevant stories and connections with artists. We believe in fostering an inclusive and nurturing community for artists, theater workers, and audience members. Our work expands the definition of theater and our creative process and administrative systems are consistently reimagined, adapted, and improved. OKC Rep is committed to being an anti-racist, anti-harassment, collaborative, open, respectful, and welcoming organization with pay-what-you-can ticket prices for all performances.

The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at The University of Maryland

Presenting Search Party (January 26 and 27) and Queens of Sheba (February 2 through 4)

The programs of Clarice Presents, our artistic platform, are dedicated to revealing fresh perspectives, inspiring a deeper understanding of community and humanity, and contributing to a more equitable society through the integration of ambitious performances, strategic community partnerships, civic initiatives and digital programs. We aim to excite audiences, give voice to issues important to our communities and inspire change.

PS21/ Center for Contemporary Performance

Presenting Hamlet | Toilet (January 5 and 6)

A vibrant center for contemporary performance in the Hudson Valley, PS21 “presents work that challenges and invites” (The New York Times): adventurous productions by leading and emerging American and international artists in music, dance, and theater, and visionaries creating entirely new genres. On our open-air Pavilion Theater stage, PS21 flexible Black Box Theater, across our expansive, unspoiled grounds, and in the diverse surrounding communities, PS21 cultivates and presents productions that transcend aesthetic boundaries and revitalize existing artistic languages and grammars. Throughout the year, we host developmental residencies for dancers, musicians, actors, and creators of original, even unclassifiable new work. Rooted in community collaboration, PS21’s programming engages creatively with critical global and social issues. It is a mecca for innovative and original artistic voices, a destination for performance that can be experienced nowhere else in the region.