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Under the Radar Symposium at NYU Skirball Center for the Arts

Top (L to R): Hana Sharif, Sunny Jain, Taylor Mac, Jeremy O. Harris
Bottom (L to R): Ravi Jain, Kaneza Schaal, Edgar Miramontes

Under the Radar Symposium Keynote Event
Friday, January 12 @ 9:30am to 11:00am | Free and Open to the Public

Hosted by Edgar Miramontes and featuring
Taylor Mac – Theatre Artist
Inge Ceustermans
– CEO, Festival Academy Atelier
Jeremy O. Harris – Playwright
Ravi Jain – Artistic Director, Why Not Theatre
Kaneza Schaal – Director and Performer
Hana S. Sharif – Artistic Director, Arena Stage

Featured Performance by Sunny Jain and Love Force (Julia Chen, Almog Sharvit, Alison Shearer, David Adewumi and Armando Vergara)

Under the Radar Symposium Discussion Forum
Friday, January 12 @ 11:30am to 4:00pm | Professionals Invite-Only Event

Conceived of and produced by Mark Russell & ArKtype in partnership with the International Presenting Commons (IPC), Creative and Independent Producer Alliance (CIPA), and HowlRound Theatre Commons, the 2024 Under the Radar Symposium will convene 250 arts presenters, producers, service orgs, funders, and artists toward rigorous, facilitated small-table discussions, taking a deeper dive into visioning emergent paths for a stronger sector of national and international performing arts.